Is there a fee to sign up and become a member at Spendacoin?

No, signing up at Spendacoin and becoming a member is totally free to everyone. Once you sign up with Spendacoin you can browse the listing and make purchases on any item.

Is it true that anybody can list items for sale on Spendacoin?

Yes, it doesn’t matter weather you’re a merchant that wants to display products for sale or if your an individual and you just want to sell stuff that are stored  and taking up space in your attic. Everyone can put items up for sale on Spendacoin.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions 24/7/365. just send us a message at the Contact Us link. Don’t for get to include your email address and someone will get back to you within 24 hours.

I hear that even if I don’t want to accept any Cryptocurruncies as payment it is still beneficial for me to list Items on Spendacoin. Why is that?

Simple! That’s because even if you decide to accept payment just in US Dollars, and your buyer wants to pay in any Cryptocurrency, the Crypto currency is changed into US Dollars at checkout. The buyer uses his Crytocurrency and the Seller gets his US Dollars. Everybody is happy!

How many forms of payment am I allowed to accept?

You may accept any combination of US Dollars and/or Cryptocurrencies that you desire to deal in.

Do I need anything special to be able to buy and/or sell in Cryptocurencies?

Yes, you’re going to need an account that allows you to transact in Cryptocurrencies. Once you create an account this will be what’s referred to as you’re “Wallet” and it’s where you store your Cryptocurrencies and do all of your transactions like buying and selling them as well as spending and accumulating. More information about a Cryptocurrency account and “Wallet” is available all over the Internet. We use and recommend a company called at the moment and will be adding several others soon. to sign up and open an account is totally free and there fees to do transactions are very reasonable. is also very easy to use and they also have some information available to those that are new to Crytocurrencies.

Does Spendacoin offer Escrow Services and Buyer Protection?

We here at Spendacoin are committed to provided our users with a Friendly, Safe and Secure experience. With Safety and Security one of our most important concerns we have put in place The Spendacoin Escrow Service to facilitate transactions and eliminate any doubt between contracting parties. Buyer Protection is also available with this Service. To learn more about The SPendacoin Escrow Services and Buyer Protection click here.

Can organizations like Charities hold Auctions on Spendacoin to raise money for special needs or causes?

Absolutely! We encourage charity organizations, religious and special needs groups etc. to hold auctions to rasie capital for thier cause. We have a dedicated department that can adhere to just about any request accompanied by special discount pricing as a part of our commitment to participate in such events. For more information regarding Special Auctions contact us.

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